About the SSE Collective Brain

The SSE Collective Brain is a virtual interactive space aiming at enriching the ILO’s activities in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Its purpose is to encourage people to meet, keep involved, cooperate, share and deepen their knowledge, from across the globe. The SSE Collective Brain is a multilingual open space, so anyone interested in the Social and Solidarity Economy can use it and interact through its channels. You are free to interact in any language you want, and we encourage you to use online translation tools to be able to communicate with people who speak different languages.

One of the main goals of this space is to increase direct connectivity and interactivity among participants and former participants of ILO events in the SSE, such as the ILO Academy in Social and Solidarity Economy.

The ILO has built a long tradition and developed a thorough expertise on SSE enterprises and organizations and believes that tools such as the Collective Brain can help to strengthen continental and inter-continental networks in the field of SSE. This website was developed with the support of the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO).


How to use this website:

a) Read news and access materials (publications, documents, presentations, interviews, videos, etc.) related to ILO’s activities in the Social and Solidarity Economy.

b) Follow the SSE Collective Brain on social media: TwitterFacebook and YouTube.

c) Join our SSE conversation groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. These groups are like virtual meeting rooms and are very effective for information sharing and for the collective construction of knowledge. Use these open groups to share your interests and your activities in the SSE, and engage in conversations with other group members.

d) Visit the interactive spaces of ILO events in the SSE and join their discussion forums. The forums are open not only to formal event participants, but also to anyone interested in the SSE.


We wish you a very nice and enriching interaction!

The SSE Collective Brain team