12ª Academia de la OIT sobre Economía Social y Solidaria (Lisboa, Portugal, 15-26 de noviembre 2021)

All plenary sessions of the 12th ILO Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy will be open to watching and streamed in real-time.

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The ILO and CASES are organising the 12th edition of the Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE Academy). It takes place from 15 to 26 November 2021, and for the first time it happens virtually.

This edition’s theme is “Building back better: the role of the Social and Solidarity Economy in a people-centred and planet-sensitive recovery”. It offers the possibility to exchange SSE experiences and methodologies from multiple countries around the world. It focuses particularly on the role of the SSE with regards to the challenges and opportunities posed by the rapidly-changing world of work in a context of crisis generated by COVID-19.

The recent global crisis has further accentuated the need for new paradigms of production and consumption that are more inclusive and sustainable. Growing problems such as unemployment, precarious employment, climate change, and inequalities are forcing us to rethink our conventional approaches.

The perspective of the South-South and triangular cooperation is also integrated into the 12th SSE Academy and an elective session is dedicated to the topic. South-South partnerships between SSE stakeholders are inclusive. They involve a multi-stakeholder approach central to the mainstreaming of the Decent Work Agenda. In addition, South-South and triangular arrangements can reinforce the impact of Social and Solidarity Economy in national contexts. They can also sustain wider regional and inter-regional networks and platforms for knowledge and experience sharing. Existing SSE networks between countries from the South are very inspiring initiatives.

Participating in this Academy allows you to exchange experiences and methodologies with policymakers, researchers and representatives of the SSE at the global level. Take the opportunity to be part of a community that aims to boost the transformative potential of a different economy.

Through the SSE Collective Brain, which is ILO’s interactive virtual space on the SSE, you can find information and materials about all previous editions since 2010. The SSE Collective Brain is a multilingual space that allows participants and former participants to connect and stay in touch in order to exchange and deepen their knowledge about the Social and Solidarity Economy.

This Academy is co-financed by CASES Portugal, ILO and ITC-ILO.