VIDEO: Economy Changes. Change the economy!

This is a video documentary titled Economy Changes. Change the economy!”, produced by Cospe and Susy Consortium in 2017, which shows good practices around the global Social and Solidarity Economy movement. The reportage focuses on opportunities and challenges of SSE around the world and shows how SSE practices are actively transforming the economy in different sectors, including:

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle and the circular economy, with experiences that can reduce the carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, landfill space and energy, and save money;
  • Innovative agriculture, community supported agriculture and farmer’s network, with numerous innovative practices that are relevant to agriculture, such as urban gardens, farmers’ markets, seeds and food banks, food sharing initiatives and food policy councils;
  • Fair trade and Development Cooperation, as an alternative approach to conventional trade, with the aim of introducing justice and solidarity for producers in the Global South and promoting sustainability;
  • Renewable energy provision;
  • Recovered enterprises and self-management;
  • and Responsible tourism.

The documentary confirms the growing numbers of Social and Solidarity Economy enterprises and organizations (SSEEOs) and their capacity to find innovative solutions – at global and local levels – to the challenges of our time: migration, climate change, resource scarcity, among others. Moreover it shows how the SSE can play an important role in creating decent works, especially including women, youth, elderly, and persons with disability. In the words of Mr. Paul Singer in one of his last public appearances: “Women are in the forefront of the solidarity economy”.

This video is a compilation of experiences mapped during the drafting of the research: “Transformative economy: Challenges and limits of SSE in 55 territories in Europe and in the world” (Susy Consortium, 2017).