The process of the World Forum of Local Economic Development continues and returns to Latin America: Cordoba

The Executive Committee of the World Forum of Local Economic Development is pleased to announce the selection of the City of Cordoba, Argentina, as the host of next World Forum of Local Economic Development. The next edition of this biennial event, which is scheduled to take place in September 2019, is expected to advance further the dialogue and sharing of perspectives on the local economic development approach as vehicle to localize the Sustainable Development Goals, and achieve an inclusive and sustainable development.

The candidature of Córdoba was officially presented last week in Sevilla, Spain, by Mr. Ramón Javier Mestre, Mayor of Córdoba and President of the Agency for the Strategic Development of the City (ADEC) and of Mercociudades, on behalf of the Municipality of Córdoba and ADEC, with the support of the National Government and the Government of the Province of Córdoba, and unanimously accepted by the members of the Executive Committee.

The event will follow the success of the 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development, which gathered more than 2,800 participants in the city of Praia (Cabo Verde) for four days to advance the critical thinking and share innovative practices on local economic development.


Last edition of the forum: